Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Yankees Win! The Yankees Win! - Most Swedish Bandwagon Fans

Since we’ve been out here, we’ve noticed a lot of people wearing US sports team gear. I’ve had fun seeing which teams get represented – with the constant assumption that no one here actually knows what they mean. We’ve seen a good amount of Cubs, SF Giants, and Atlanta Braves. I see a Red Sox hat maybe once a week, which is pretty solid. One guy in my neighborhood is pretty much taunting me know – I always go jogging in my Pats fleece, and now he is always rocking a NY Giants sweatshirt. Not fun for me

But BY FAR the most obnoxious thing I’ve seen out here – more upsetting than the tax rate – is the amount of Yankee gear. One morning last week, on the 3 block walk to the subway, I passed legitimately 8 yankee logos, all on teenagers, only 2 of which were in "traditional" colors. Unless I find out that Steinbrenner is trying to pull a Ted Turner and replicate the 1990s era TBS/Braves and the YES network is on basic cable out here, I’m going to assume that not one of these kids has ever watched a full baseball game. They don’t even start out here until 1am!! It’s obnoxious and just shows that the Yankees are frauds.
(yeah, if there were red sox hats on every 3rd kid, the tone of this blog would have been slightllly different)
Also – I have enjoyed noticing random team logos. I haven’t figured out why some are being worn, but have noticed: LSU, U of Oklahoma, Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, Boston Celtics, Tampa Rays, Kansas City Royals and my personal favorite – the Hartford Whalers. I’m assuming that last one had to be a hipster and he wouldn’t even be able to tell me what sport they represented.

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