Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Real, yet Unofficial “Welcome to Sweden”!

As normal, Calvin woke us up at 6am this morning. What REALLY woke me up this morning though was the blinding snow storm outside. I was totally ready for snow when we showed up in January. I was excited for the snow in February as we walked around the city. I was getting a littttttle bored with snow in March. When we got snow on Good Friday I called it a “freak snow storm”. When I saw over an inch of the heavy stuff this morning, I lost it a little. I updated our weekend plans to include “hiding under the covers until it was 70 degrees”.

Luckily Lisa looked on the positive side and Calvin gave me a little pep talk (bah bahhh bah), and we decided to make a big pot of coffee and some tasty pancakes. After that, we decided to take the girls to a new dog park and play around outside a little bit. The hounds loved it, running around and chasing rabbits. Calvin loved watching the dogs, and I was able to show Lis the new dog park I had found.

I remembered that you can’t be scared of the weather in Stockholm. Maybe it snows here year round, but we are able to have fun and enjoy ourselves in any weather. No more snow depression for me right now! And we also prioritized getting some winter sports gear soon so we will be able to rock the cross country skies when it snows in July…

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  1. No such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing


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