Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Swedish Chef Diaries – Swedish Pancakes

Swedes LOVE their pancakes – but they aren’t the bisquick and aunt jemima kind. At the ericsson cafeteria, every Thursday is “pancake and pea soup” day – which is evidently very traditional.
In the spirit of going local, we substituted these pancakes for our normal betty crocker recipe the other day. Not going to lie, not the best Swedish recipe we’ve made yet. The recipe created a very liquid-y batter that made a much more “crepe-like” pancake. They did not look appetizing, but were kind of tasty. We ate them all (obviously), but will probably go back to our good ole ‘merican style pancakes going forward.
Or next time we will have to make some pea soup on the side….

Jon – 2 Bork
Lisa – 3,5 Borks


  1. Swedish Trick (from my dad): When removing them from the pan...fold in half then in quarter.

    Serving/Presentation is a lot easier that way.

    Also, I'm absolutely shocked that you guys gave them such low scores (though, I hate American pancakes because they're bready). Did you fill them with anything? Lingon? Nutella & Banana?

  2. Thanks for the advice on the presentation. They came out all floppy and kind of greasy looking.

    If we put nutella on them then the bork rating would reflect the delicious nutella, not the pancake itself. What can we say Sten? We are American panCAKE lovers till we die :-)


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