Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Swedish Chef Diaries – Dill Chicken with Leeks and Potatoes

As I mentioned last time, Sam got lucky with chicken breasts on sale during her visit. I don’t think that chicken was a major staple protein of the Vikings, and I couldn’t really find anything that jumped out at me from the Swedish blog or the Annesfood blog. This is when I had to expand my search to “Scandinavian” recipes. It worked like a charm – like going from “Georgian” recipes to Southern. All of a sudden there were TV shows, tons of cookbooks and a bunch of options.
I found one that seemed pretty good on the website for a PBS show – New Scandinavian Cooking. When they said that “you can’t use too much dill”, I figured it was my kind of recipe (no measuring).
This one was actually really easy – just a lot of dill and cutting up everything. Drop it all into the casserole dishes and coming back in 30 minutes.
Overall it as good – I might not be a HUGE fan of dill, but considering chicken is on sale once every 10 weeks, I don’t think it will overwhelm us.

Jon – 3 BORKS
Lisa – 4 BORKS
Samantha – 4,5 BORKS

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