Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Belly pics -- weeks 11-39

I'm not going to lie - I haven't been very good about taking weekly belly shots.  I felt kind of silly because for the first 20 weeks, I pretty much looked the same as I do everyday.  Documenting the lack of a baby bump didn't intrigue me.  As a result, I have pieced together a compilation of pictures that span the weeks of 11-31.  There are some that we have that are still missing but for the most part, you can see my progress here.  I'll update this post as my waistline continues to expand.  Thankfully this has been somewhat of a slow process and given me time to get used to my new figure.

                                           Week 11 -- needle and thread test
                                           Week 12 -- 1 year anniversary
                                                     Week 18
Week 20
                                                        Week 24
                                                  Week 26 -- Nashville visit
                                                       Week 28
                                                     Week 30
                                                  Week 31
                                                               Week 32
                                                             Week 33
                                                       Week 33 belly
                                                              Week 34
                                                                 Week 35
                                                                 Week 36
                                                                 Week 38
                             (I know, we missed Week 37 but nothing changed I swear)

                                                               Week 39

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  1. Just saw you added pictures here....the baby's a lot lower now isn't he/she? Wow! Crazy!!! Hope you're feeling well!


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