Monday, March 21, 2011

Sping/Baby Cleaning

This past Sunday we did some MAJOR spring/baby cleaning.  After our baby shower in RI, we took an assessment of the amount of space we have versus the amount of space the new baby gear will require.  A quick inventory indicated that we needed to do some major re-organizing and take a few more trips to Goodwill/the trash can.  We still aren't finished, but the closet in the nursery is completely clean and ready for baby stuff!

We have 3 large boxes of clothing, shoes, business suits and other items to donate so I'm sure our old treasures will become someone's new treasures.  Jon tried to 'save' some of his inappropriate tshirts for me to convert into a quilt later in life but I think he's delaying the inevitable.  I'm not sure when he thinks I'm going to have time to make him a quilt... maybe someone with a sewing machine would be better suited for that task.  Is it wrong to drop them off at a tailor and have one made?  Isn't that the same idea as having a cleaning service come scrub my floors?  I could do it myself, but I could also have someone else do it and save a lot of time.  We'll have to see how creative I am post-baby.

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  1. Just saw this article after reading this blog - looks like we have a few easy things we can do to make cleaning easier moving forward (get a better doormat) and a few things that might not be as feasible (get rid of our kitchen table)


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