Monday, November 12, 2012

Where's the snow?

I know that as soon as I post this, tonight's night air will freeze and we'll be greeted in the morning with 2-3" of snow.  But...I'm taking that chance and defying the weather gods with this post - notably dangerous ground to tread here in Sweden.  Today was beautiful - BEAUTIFUL.  Sunny, no precipitation, a little wind with some bite, but not bad at all.  Last night, I took Bessie out for her night walk without a jacket on and wasn't freezing.

Is this abnormal? Is this Sweden's way of welcoming my southern blood and allowing me time to adapt to the new darkness and frost cycles?  Upon googling, "average temperature by month, Stockholm, Sweden" this is what I found:

Ok, nevermind.  The average highs are exactly what we have been seeing for November and our actual lows are much lower than average.  This graph also revealed that our average lows in September and October were much colder than what is reflected by this graph.  So, instead of lamenting months that could've been much warmer than they were (oh June, July, August, and September!) I will be grateful for the sunny day today, high of 43 and fun run on the country trails I took with Bessie this morning.  

As someone said to us the otherday, "Don't ask if the snow is coming but when.  It will be here for a while, don't you worry."
Running with the sun on his face

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