Wednesday, November 7, 2012

House Hunters International - Stockholm, Sweden and us

We were on tv last night!  Thanks to my parents and some extra large cups of coffee, we were able to wake up early (4am) and FaceTime to watch our episode of House Hunters International live on their television in NY.  Fortunately they were recording it as well, so we could rewind and catch some of the parts we missed due to our screams and sidebar commentary.

Prior to watching the show,  I think Jon and I were both worried about how we would be portrayed.  Over the course of filming 4 days we said so many things that we had no idea how they would piece it together.  Being 4 months ago, we don't even remember a fraction of what we said or did.  At the heart of it, my worst fears were actually being accurately portrayed and just not liking what I saw.  You know how when you hear your own voice on a voicemail or tape recorder that you are absolutely shocked by what you hear?  I was afraid of that but in video form...for 18 minutes straight...seen nationally.

My parents set up their ipad to face the tv so we could watch it like we were in their living room.
I love technology!

When we began FaceTiming with my parents (thank goodness for iPads), our hearts were racing and we were freaking out (internally).  Hiding behind our first mugs of coffee, we watched the first clip.  It was really interesting to see how they pieced together all of our scenes. For instance, they show us at a coffee shop ordering food -- it was a French coffee shop and they asked him to speak Swedish.  Poor guy has the most French-accented Swedish diction ever.  Perhaps not a Swedish cafe representation but it gives off the right impression -- that we are overwhelmed by the new language.

Throughout the episode, I think that the entire experience is pretty positive.  I come across as a penny-pinching tightwad but then again, that's not that far off from the truth.  Jon was told to be a little more "loose" with the budget, which of course he was not. Other than that, they recreated our house hunting experience pretty well.  The realtor was fantastic.  She was very positive and helpful. I wish we had her help during our own experience looking for a place.  She earned our future business though as I'm sure we will be looking for a new place in the upcoming 1-2 years.

I wish they had shown less of the houses and more of Calvin.  It was so nice to revisit him at his age during the taping -- 14 months. He has changed so much so quickly.  It was also nice to revisit Stockholm in the summer time.  We'll be replaying our dvd during these dark winter days as a reminder of just how beautiful the summer can be in Stockholm.

We couldn't share these pictures with you before the airing of the episode but here are a few "behind-the-scenes" pictures of our episode.  Look for our full episode on or whenever they update their episodes.

Thanks to everyone for watching and posting screenshots of us on their televisions to Facebook.  It was a surreal experience for us and we had a lot of fun!  We hope that our episode entices some of you to book a trip to come visit us, in the summer of course!

Behind the scenes pictures!
Calvin loved Christian -- the sound guy

Don't look at the camera, don't look at the camera

Ase, our awesome realtor

Our producer, keeping us on task

Butterfly house - carp tank


What a great crew!


  1. Hi Lisa, just watched the show in Singapore and really enjoyed it. I will also be relocating to Stockholm someday when my Swedish fiancee and I, tie the knot at the end of the year. Stockholm looks like a beautiful city. However, I was wondering if you could give me the name of the realty that Ase works for. Thanks, Merle.

    1. Hi Merle,
      Ase works and manages the Nordic Relocation Group. So glad you enjoyed the show and best of luck with your eventual relocation to Sweden!


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