Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sometimes you just need to dance

Dance break!!

Calvin and I have at least one ridiculous dance break every day where we both just go a little crazy to the music, bouncing around the house.  Some days you just feel like dancing, you know?  I've also never seen someone angry or upset while they are dancing. It is an instant mood lifter.

Thanks to being exposed to Swedish pop music - which is fantastic - I've discovered some new favorite songs by Swedish artists.  They are all in Swedish but what they are saying doesn't really matter since your feet can find the beat in any language.

So here is a guilty-free dance break for you.  If you are like Calvin, you'll find a nearby full length mirror and bounce around a little bit, spin around a few times, and pretend to jump by wildly throwing your arms in the air.


Dansa Pausa by Panetoz

Flytta på dej by Alina Devecerski

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