Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why do we drink? A Detailed Analysis of Beer vs Coffee Consumption in Sweden vs USA

One odd thing I’ve noticed here is that Swedes drink A LOT of coffee, but only caffeinated.  I’ve never seen a decaf option in any of the work coffee machines, and there is only one option in the grocery store, compared to a whole aisle of caffeinated coffee.  When I’ve asked about decaf before, coworkers just laugh at me and ask what the point is. 

On the flip side, these folks drink a lot of non/low alcohol beer, which people in the states would never do (unless they were pregnant ladies I think).  They just drink n/a beers here because they like how it tastes with their meal.

So, based on this input, Americans drink coffee for the taste, not the caffeine, and Swedes drink beer for the taste, not the booze.  Does this mean that Americans like coffee more than Swedes and Swedes like beer more than ‘mericans?  This doesn’t seem right at all, but I can’t think of another way to make sense of it

Only thing I can do is go native and find out what these “work-day” beers are all about…

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