Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coming to a TV near you

Our friends and family can now watch us from the comfort of their couch.  No, I'm not talking about a massive Skype session, though that would be fun, but actually turning on your TV, DVR, etc and watching us for a full hour.  Who wouldn't want that in their lives??

A bunch of my friends urged me to apply to House Hunters International and I did so back in January. When I sent off that initial email, I truly believed that nothing would come from it.  Surely they receive hundreds of hopeful emails a day and have to sift through the lot and pick some random couple or family to follow.  Imagine my surprise when we got an email from the casting director four months later.  She wanted to learn more about us and how we were doing in our housing search.  We had to submit a casting video to showcase to the network just how photogenic we are.  I got a little carried away editing our videos in iMovie and you can watch the end result below.  I must have done a good job because we are scheduled to shoot the show in July!  We think this will be a lot of fun and we are very excited about it! I'm not so thrilled about having to put on real make up every day but maybe I'll watch some youtube tutorials before we start filming.


  1. That is an awesome video! I think you have found a new calling... video editor! :D

  2. Thanks! And in case anyone is dying for more cutie pie clips of Calvin, you can catch him in all his cuteness in this other video that I made. Again, I spent a little too much time with the editing software...


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