Friday, March 9, 2012

The most disgusting thing I’ve seen in Stockholm…

Nope, not the rotten fish

(not actually a picture of me)

the ATM after checking out my first paycheck!

Retro-diary of Sunday afternoon

17:03 (euro-style time) – Before I go to the grocery store, I realize that I should stop by the ATM and see if I’ve finally been paid for the last month of work
17:05 – wait in ATM line
17:06 – Nice! My PIN was accepted…so far we are doing good
17:07 – SCORE! I asked for money and it didn’t say no! I’m rich!
17:08 – The ATM offers to show my available balance on screen. Not a bad idea so that I know how much we have in the account
17:09 – Realizing that the numbers on screen are size 4 font and that I can’t see the info correctly, I put my face about 2 inches from the ATM
(intense stomach pain and nausea hit like a ton of bricks)
17:10 – I frantically do math in my head and try to remember the tax information I was given
17:11 – Giving up on that, I try to figure out how this affects our budget…(still working on this)
17:12 – Update the grocery list to prioritize canned items and other basic levels of nutrition
17:13 – Try to rationalize that socialism will all balance out….(still ongoing….)

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