Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Latest Developments -- 9-10 months

Looking back at old videos of Calvin, I realize how quickly he is developing in such a short amount of time.  Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping my usual OCD-like track of all of his developments like I would want to because I've been busy chasing after him -- he's quick!

Since we've moved to Stockholm (at 9 mo), here is a brief overview of his latest milestones:
  • Clapping his hands when he sees other people clapping or hears the word, "clap" or "klappa" (Swedish)
  • Waving good bye/opening and closing his hands
  • Deliberately dropping food off his high chair to watch the dogs scramble (is that a milestone?)
  • Pulling himself to standing and walking around objects while holding on
  • Crawling very quickly -- he has what we call a "crip" crawl because he drags his right leg behind him sort of like a "Crip walk" only more baby-ish and less likely to result in shootings in east LA.  He can crawl properly too but he prefers to be gangstah
  • eatin' bananas
  • Eating "real"food  - no more baby purees for this little man. He prefers taking his toothless bites from bananas whole and loves sucking on oranges.  Cheerios are still his favorite though...
  • Saying "goo gur" after I say "good girls" to the dogs.  Or at least I think he is saying that.  It's his first hard "g" sound.  
  • Buzzes his lips (resulting in tons of spit everywhere) after a prompt
  • Putting himself to sleep -- he enjoys going to sleep now and will "dive" for his crib, grab his pacifiers (2) and curl up waiting for us to turn off the light and say goodnight.  If you linger too long, he'll look up at you expectantly like, "Hello! I'm trying to sleep here!"
  • He also sits with his feet hooked together -- not sure if any other babies do that but he seems to sit more securely that way. Smart kid.
  • Sitting so securely
  • He loves playing "chase" where we will either chase him around the apartment or he'll chase us.  Mostly it turns into us chasing him because its so much more fun for him to squeal and crawl away.

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