Saturday, March 10, 2012

adaption is the key to survival

So since we have been out here, we’ve had to learn to adapt. Our liquor store trips now entail beers with elks, Vikings and other random stuff on the logo rather than sweetwater beer and miller lites. Instead of watching sportscenter, we watch euro league hockey championships and cross country skiing races. We’ve also watched way more shows about tattoos, animals and singing then I ever expected – pretty much anything that is in English.

But BY FAR the biggest adaption any of us has made has been by Darby
Since we adopted her, she has HATED squirrels. The meaning of her life has been to protect us from any and all squirrel threats. Since we have been out there though, we haven’t seen any squirrels at all. She’s been bored senseless evidently and has been investigating new options to hunt. Rabbits are the best option, but we’ve only seen 2-3 of them over the last month, so not nearly as common as she needs. Instead, she has completely switched her opinion on an old acquaintance –

BIRDS. They are animals, they are plentiful and uh….well that’s about it, but it works. For the last week or so, any bird we walk/run by has required at least one lunge from her, and now Bessie is getting the memo as well. So now they are having a lot more fun, and they feel like they are protecting us from all sorts of dangers.

I feel safer already...

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