Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Google Chrome -- fail

So, Google Chrome has this awesome ability to translate content on any webpage into your language of choice. So, I exclusively browse all Swedish websites in Google Chrome to survive.  I am VERY glad that Google Chrome exists.

However...Google Chrome does not always translate things correctly and the end result is often HILARIOUS.  I don't know how much of it is truly what they are saying in Swedish vs. Google Chrome.

Here are a few unedited copy/pastes from content when Google Chrome fails to correctly translate Swedish into English.

From a website about a daycare/pre-school...
"The older children Receive English work books That They cannabis use in school and at home."

Advice on feeding your 8-10 month old...
"An important part of child development is to allow the child to eat itself. In the beginning it will be sunny and smudging.  Arrange it as practical as possible to avoid unnecessary irritation."

From a website describing their baby swim program...
"Once you found a place with us, you never stop! We have new courses for your child all the time. From the age of 3, we crawl swimming lessons."

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