Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things are moving quickly -- UPDATE

So, we had a seemingly endless checklist that required a lot of things to fall into place for it to happen.  Things are moving forward and they are moving quickly.  That's good news since we are scheduled to leave Jan 24th and we are down to our last two weeks!

I'm outta here! (gratuitous Calvin pic)

Things completed:
Calvin's passport
Residence and work permits/visas for Sweden
Secured property management company
Moving company booked one week prior to departure
Taxi secured for the pickup at the Arlanda airport
Storage unit in the room of our garage (being built as I type this)
Dogs' vet appointment with health certificate, microchipping and rabies vaccines
Called our banks, credit cards, etc
Calvin's 9 month vaccines and health records

Things still to do:
Selling of most of our household items at a garage sale/craigslist/ebay
Selling my car -- currently posted on
Last minute visits with friends
Touch ups on the paint and cleaning the house
USDA vet stamping and approving the dogs' health certificates
Booking our plane tickets -- we have some reserved, just awaiting confirmation

Our to list when we arrive in Sweden is a separate list...
Meet with International Mobility Sweden to give them our biometrics and receive personnumer
Register the animals
Set up Swedish bank account
Unpack our suitcases in our house

Each item on the "Done" list took about 2-3 weeks to complete and in most cases,  a lot of money.  For example, we have had 3 vet appointments and have spent over $1000 getting the dogs ready for travel.  And that is NOT including their plane tickets for our voyage.  ZOMG!  Nobody said moving was easy or cheap.

On one hand, we are sad that we only have 2 weeks left in Atlanta but on the other hand, I'm glad that we aren't dragging this out.  It's always crunch time towards the end anyways -- we've just had our entire experience crunched.  I think if there was any lesson to learn so far, it's to regularly clean out your garage of the items you TRULY don't need.  We have gone regularly to Goodwill and have kept things fairly organized but there are always items around that you truly do not need in your life.  Clean it out regularly!

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