Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Calvin does Halloween

Halloween is definitely a holiday when kids can be kids.  Calvin doesn't yet know the joy of running around the neighborhood and getting as much loot as possible in his pillowcase but he will soon enough.  This year was his first Halloween and it also happens to coincide with his 6 month birthday -- a great age for his first Halloween.

I decided to make his costume because I couldn't bear the thought of spending >$40 on a costume for a 6 month old so I started searching the interwebs looking for something I could cobble together.  Fortunately, Martha Stewart has these wonderful ideas (or her team does) on how to make costumes out of pillowcases. We had decided to be ironic and make a crab costume for Calvin.  Jon really wanted him to be a lobster but that required more skill and time than I had available.  Crab it is!  I adapted Martha's pillowcase pumpkin costume idea, ran to the fabric store on a Saturday and created a crab costume in lickity split timing -- 4 hours or so.  That involved a lot of mistakes and re-doing so I bet I could re-do the entire costume in under an hour.  It really wasn't difficult I just had to think things through twice.

Mrs. Simmons sent some cute fleece accessories that arrived on Halloween - perfect timing!

On the way to the Brookners house for trick or treating with Nicky, Calvin had a complete meltdown in the car and cried the entire 10 minute drive.  Fortunately I hadn't put him in his costume yet so his crab was still minus tears.  We managed to let him sleep for a while before stuffing him into his crab costume.  He was really over the whole thing and we thought about taking him home.  We pushed him through and managed to get a few pics before he passed out.  Nicky was a rambunctious cowboy and it was fun watching all of the kids run up to the houses to trick or treat.

Candy face!

So cute I could gobble you up!

We swung by Dan and Whitney's house on our way home just in time for Calvin to start giggling again.  He must've known his time was almost up in his costume.  He was so good at staying in character!

Happy Halloween!

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