Thursday, January 8, 2015

An Amerikansk Thanksgiving in Sweden

We hosted our second American Thanksgiving in Sweden this year and it was met with great success. At first we figured we would limit the guest count to prevent excess chaos and maximize conversation but then we realized that Thanksgiving is meant to be chaotic, noisy and full of friends and family. We ended up with exactly what we aimed for.

In total, we had 14 guests and all of the children played well together. Calvin loved having new friends to play board games with and everyone enjoyed the food. All of our guests demanded an invitation for our next Thanksgiving and even offered to bring side dishes. The delicious food, wine and celebratory nature of Thanksgiving is a perfect lift out of the dreary and gray Swedish November and a wonderful way to welcome the Christmas season.

At one point, when everyone was chatting and digging into their turkey legs, I looked around and thought, "Now this is a Thanksgiving." It didn't matter that the language was Swedish and many people were unrelated, the essence of Thanksgiving was represented and we were able to recreate that warm homey feeling for our new friends.

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  1. Thank you so much for the invitation, for the delicious meal and for the great evening and friendship. You know exactly how to give us that Thanksgiving feeling! Xoxo


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