Thursday, January 8, 2015

You know it's Winter in Sweden When...

You know it's Winter in Sweden When...
  • There is no discernible difference in darkness between 3pm and midnight
  • You cover every inch of outerwear in reflective tape and invest in reflective vests
  • You will deliberately go out of your way and cross the street just to walk in the sunlight during the day
  • You can count the number of hours of sunlight in November on one hand
  • +1C is the worst temperature ever - still cold enough to require a jacket but not cold enough for winter activities
  • You're ever grateful that your child's preschool playground is positioned to receive maximum sunlight
  • Everyone's windows are full of beautiful Advent stars and candles
  • Anyone in your immediate vicinity will alert you immediately if you accidentally drop your glove while walking 
  • You wish for temperatures below 0 so you can XC ski and skate on the Baltic or nearby lake
  • Parents walk their children to school by pulling them behind on a sled
  • Your local paper has pictures of St. Lucia contestants
  • Street lights turn off at 9am and turn back on at 2pm
Did I miss any?

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