Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anna and Jeff's Wedding

Jon's cousin's wedding in Newport RI marks our first official "grown up" date/formal event since I got pregnant last July.  Suffice it to say, I wanted to look nice but had to find a dress that would cover my ugly nursing bra straps.  I also brought 2 back up dresses in case Calvin decided to spit up on my good one.  My mom was nice enough to make the trip to Newport with us to provide baby sitting services at the hotel where the wedding was being held.  Fortunately, everything was on site so I wasn't ever farther away than a walk down the hallway.  The plan was for my mom to text me as soon as he would get fussy and I would rush out to nurse him.  He hadn't yet taken a bottle so this was our best plan.

The wedding was beautiful and the ceremony was conducted by Jeff's father.  I always love it when someone close to the couple marries them.  It makes everything a little sweeter and more personal.  I check my phone -- no text.  We decide to do some preventative maintenance (or "PM" as Dave would say) and nurse Calvin during the cocktail hour.  He was doing great and mom seemed to be having fun.  OK, we're good to go.  We head back and hang out a little during the cocktail hour and make our way to the table.  The bridal party is announced and we all welcome Anna and Jeff as the newly married couple.  Their first dance is simple and sweet and they look so in love.  I get a text about an hour later and head to the room -- quick nurse and I'm back.  We eat dinner, listen to the toasts and the dance floor gets moving.. I head out to nurse Calvin a few more times and miss the father of the bride's toast, cutting the cake and tossing of the bouquet.  Fortunately Jon's caught some of this on our camera but I'm feeling sad to be half in-half out of the event.  It's tough to focus on the wedding events when I keep leaving but it was still easier than having him in my lap or not going to the wedding at all.

In the end, it worked out great and we were able to enjoy ourselves, take care of Calvin, and be there for his cousin's most important day.  At midnight, we get Calvin and my mom looks exhausted, we crashed in our hotel room and Calvin slept soundly.

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  1. You did great! I think you balanced everything perfectly! and I know your mom had a blast helping out with Calvin.

    Congrats on a 1st trip gone off without a hitch!!


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