Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The true cost of potty training

If you've already done potty training then you know what is involved but it seems like nobody will tell you these things.  It's a horror show. In fact, it is so painful that it has inspired me to try to get Lucy on one of the gazillion potties we have lying around the house just in an effort to reduce this pain in a few more years.
  1. You need to buy at least 3 different kinds of potty (maybe more if you have multiple bathrooms in your house) and they are all way more money than you want to spend. For some reason, Sweden's cheapest potty starts at $46. Total for the 3 various potties we own, $150 and NONE of them even flush!
    1. A potty that fits on the big toilet with a stool for climbing up
    2. A small potty that sits on the floor that they can get to on their own
    3. A travel potty 
  2. Incentives, bribes, whatever - don't skimp - you need them. Calvin needed BIG rewards - Disney Planes characters. Find the motivation and buy it in bulk. Stock up on stickers too.
    1. 3 Disney Planes/Rewards, stickers, bubbles, etc - $60
  3. 20 sets of underwear. It's gonna get messy - $75
  4. Extra laundry soap - $25
  5. Patience, love and compassion - priceless
Total damage: ~ $310

If you buy one of those gimmicky, "Potty train your child in 1-3 days" books or online resources, that's another $40 or so. They prey on desperate parents who will sell their souls to end the horror show and $40 seems like a really good deal but don't do it! There are free guides everywhere and believe me, nobody can guarantee you anything. It just takes time. Good luck!

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