Friday, May 16, 2014

Reader's Digest Update - February - May 2014

I really don't know why I continue to think I will get less busy as time goes on. It never seems to be the case but I will think, "Oh, in a few more weeks things will die down and I'll write another blog post." NOPE.

So here is a super condensed version of the past 5 months:


  • Calvin contracted chickenpox and I learned that combating the itching throughout the night is nearly impossible - midnight cuddles work well but nobody sleeps.
  • Lucy ALSO contracted the chickenpox thanks to the generous kisses, sneezes and snots from her big brother. I was concerned because she was only 4 months old but she only manifested 6 spots total and earned some pox scars on her belly as proof that she endured a mild case. She'll be at greater risk for shingles as an adult so she will get the vaccine for that eventually.


  • Calvin started a new school right across the street from us, so Jon did the inskolning while I tended to chicken poxed Lucy at home
  • He LOVES his new school - the teachers are old school Swedish marms and have been doing this for 30 years. He'll be a proper little Swedish boy in another year or so. 
  • His English and Swedish language skills are skyrocketing and he is speaking in full sentences and using the word "either" properly, which I found to be impressive. His manners are very proper and I find it hard to resist him when he asks in his little chirpy voice, "I would like x, y and z, please, Momma?"
  • Jon left for the Dominican Republic for a week for cousin Mikey and Megan's wedding - I was wishing I could go too and enjoy an open bar, warm weather and family fun.


  • VISITORS and Jon worked nonstop
  • Dave visited for a few days and then he and Jon went to London for the London Marathon. Dave did a great job and finished all 26.2 miles despite being incredibly sick the day prior. Jon played the part of tourist very well and sampled all of the nearby London pubs.
  • My mom came to visit and we had beautifully warm weather. We enjoyed a fun filled day at Skansen and other adventures.
  • Calvin had his 3 year old dental appointment and they scolded me for not having him brush his teeth twice a day for 2 minutes at a time (all in Swedish). I laughed in their faces - pretty sure that crossed the language barrier clearly. 
  • Joann came at the end of April and we created a plane cake for Calvin. Making elaborate cakes are my version of a marathon - I enjoy the beginning, abhor the middle, and can't wait to finish but am always glad I did it in the end.
  • We finished April with our favorite Swedish celebration of spring - Calvin's birthday and Walpurgis Natt. He believes the huge bonfire is solely for his birthday.


  • May 1st we woke up to snow. Apparently the warm weather was just a tease and spring once again, a cruel temptress.
  • Potty training Calvin = nonstop laundry and having to tap into a bottomless pit of patience. Nobody really tells you what's involved - not the whole truth anyway.
  • Proof that I have no green thumb - the tulips our landlord planted years ago all bloomed beautifully despite the morning frosts and the two flowers I planted in April are as dead as a doornail.
gorgeous tulips
what i planted - they didn't even survive a week!

So there ya go - a condensed version of the past few months - all typed one handed while holding Lucy


  1. A lovely commentary! Even one handed, you do a great job, Lisa! Give Lucy a squeeze from me (as she's probably sitting on your lap while you read this.)
    love to all, Grandma

  2. PS -- I think you inherited your gardening skills from me... sorry about that.

  3. Seen your show on travel channel, lovely house you have chosen there! Coincidentally saw a couple of shots of your feet on the show. I shoot foot models as job and you really has some of the best feet in the world. I just wonder if it's possible for you to post some shots of the bottoms of your feet on the blog? Wish you a wonderful life in Sweden!


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