Thursday, January 23, 2014

Been there, done that - the joy of experienced parenting

When Calvin was born, I experienced all of the typical first time mom worries.  I was concerned with leaving him with someone else whenever I had to go to work. I tracked his physical and mental development and stressed about reaching milestones.  I wasn't particularly high strung - I'm still a fairly laid back parent - but that nagging sense of "am I doing it right?" was always on my mind.

Now that I've "been there and done that," my experience with Lucy is completely different.  I am even more relaxed with her than I was with Calvin.  Lucy isn't rolling over? That's ok. She will eventually.  "Is she eating enough?"  That question has actually NEVER even crossed my mind.  The absolute freedom from all of the worry I had with Calvin is extremely liberating. I learned that whatever I did with Calvin didn't damage him in the slightest, so I'm OK. Kids are plastic and resilient. It is difficult to do anything too wrong at this point. This is the warm fuzzy time when they can just be babies.

It is an absolute joy experiencing parenthood the first time around. Everything is new and fascinating and even though things aren't "new" with Lucy, it is almost even more enjoyable because I can relax and let her set the pace for her own development.  I know she will eventually sleep through the night just like Calvin did and she will discover the world in her own way.  I know what is coming - the belly laughs, crawling and walking. The nonstop movement that keeps me on my toes and on high alert for falling books and toys.  There is no need to rush into all of that because it'll all be here in two blinks.

Part of the great part about having multiple children is that I am still experiencing the "newness" with Calvin while simultaneously relaxing in my experienced parenting bliss with Lucy.  I am still learning how to coax him into eating more protein and begging him to sit on the potty.  I am still blindly figuring it all out with him as he paves the way into unexplored toddlerhood territory.

Most surprising of all, is that I get to watch them experience life together as siblings. Calvin adores Lucy.  He must kiss and hug her goodnight as part of his bedtime routine. It warms my heart to see them together and to watch them bond so early on.
So for now, I'm going to take a lesson from what Lucy has taught me and I won't stress anymore about whether he will be potty trained this summer or next. It'll happen eventually, just like everything always does. I'm just going to relax with my cup of coffee and watch Lucy sleep.

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  1. I keep hearing stories of Atlanta being paralyzed by snow and ice. I think of you two Atlanta Stockholm transplants. Who would have thought that the common thread of your two 'hometowns' would be snow.
    We are so happy for you to see that Calvin adores Lucy! Both of their lives will be so enriched by having each other. i am still amazed with how much Roberto cares for his little sister. Five years later and he is still watching out for her.
    Looking forward to seeing you this summer, Lisa, Mike, Roberto & Gabi


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