Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stockholm's Endless Summer

Our first summer in Stockholm was cold, gray and rainy and had depressingly shifted to fall weather by the end of July.  We wore light fall-weather jackets pretty much every day or kept them in the bottom of the stroller "just in case."  This year has been a complete 180 in comparison and it has been magnificent!  We have thoroughly enjoyed 70-74F weather from end of May-present.  While our friends and family in the NE region have been complaining about heat waves and our Atlanta friends have seen record rainfall, we've been out enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather.  I'm not going to lie - a slightly evil laugh bubbles up inside every time I see people complain about the weather on Facebook.  It's not often that we have weather superiority over our friends and family and I've been relishing every moment.

It's been gorgeous outside, which has made it great for me and Calvin during the day.  His dagis closed early June and his new dagis didn't start until September 8th, so we had a looong four months of full-time parenting.  It's great that he had the summer off and I love spending time with him, but he is demanding and requires a lot of different activities every day.  Fortunately he loves exploring the woods and with the weather in our favor, we were able to do lots of walking, swimming and playing at the playgrounds.
The beginnings of spring weather - April 20
Flower picking - May 26
Hot pool days in June!
July blueberry picking
August gorgeousness
We really took advantage of the entire season this year - as soon as it was marginally sunny and nice out, we were out and about.  Considering there was still snow on the ground in April, we really launched into spring and summer quickly and luckily the good times have lasted!

Three cheers to Stockholm's Endless Summer - may the beautiful weather last as long as possible!

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