Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just put a plow on it!

The snow is back!  I think the birds foolishly thought spring was around the corner because it hasn't snowed in nearly a month and the temperature was finally in the + range for a few days.  Considering it snowed for 33 hours straight, I have a feeling we will be solidly in winter a bit longer.

Swedes are professional snow plowers and they seem to be able to adapt any vehicle into a snow plow.  If it has tires and space for a plow attachment,  you're in business.

It's hard to tell Calvin what these things are since they are usually a combination -- truck-plow, tractor-plowbackhoe/digger-plow, and forklift-plow.  It seems the possibilities are endless and are getting more creative as winter progresses -- I saw a golf cart-plow the other day.  Wherever there is snow to clear, people will invent ways to remove it with the least amount of effort. Happy shoveling!

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  1. We have sidewalk plows, on the front of normally-summer machines like mowers, etc, in Bennington! Saw one yesterday, shoving the piles of leftover snow off the sidewalks... prepping for the next downfall. Wonder if they got the idea from Sweden.


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